Andrew Koe


I am Andrew Koe. A full­time professional wedding & portrait photographer based inPenang, Malaysia. I am the founder of ANDREWKOE Photography (Engagement & Portrait Artworks), which was established to capture the special & one of the most important moments of our clients with our distinctive documentary style which has been developed throughout years of professional experience. Specialised in wedding day, local & destination pre-wedding / engagement as well as portraitures photography. Besides that, I have a vast interest & experiences even in other fields of photography such as Streets, Landscapes & Travel Photojournalism. A certified Licentiate MPA (Masters Photographer Association) UK Photographer, WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Professionals International) and Licentiate WPPA (Wedding & Portrait Photographers Asia).


I owned the FUJIFILM X-T1 since the beginning of 2014 & love them to bits. The X-T1 has made me enjoyed & put even greater effort on creating good photographs ever since I lay my hands on it. The flip screen & versatility of the X-T1 system has changed the way I shoot weddings & street photos. My creative shots has never been this good & my clients love the photos I’ve given to them. The sharpness of the lenses is the factor that amazes me to use the Fujifilm X-T1, besides being light on the weight. I’ve never seen such amazing sharpness & detail on my shots before & I believe that the Fujifilm X series is what I’ve been dreaming for.

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