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FUJIFILM Tether Plug-in PRO - Features

Overview of FUJIFILM Tether Plug-in PRO

tethered shooting, Adobe, tutorial
EF-X500 Testing on location

2nd episode of EF-X500 by Max De Martino

By Max De Martino Max De Martino, Simone Raso, flash, basketball, sports, portrait, Italy, X-Photographer
EF-X500 Overview by Max De Martino

Max De Martino reviews the new flash EF-X500

By Max De Martino Max De Martino, X-Photographer, Italy, flash, portrait
Tiny Landscapes with the X-T2

Episode #3 by Bill Fortney

By Bill Fortney Bill Fortney, landscape, macro, nature, USA
X-T2: Pål Laukli (Norway) x Studio

Pål Laukli tests the X-T2 in studio.

Pål Laukli, studio, X-Photographer, Norway
Inside the camera bag of X-Photographer – Kevin Mullins

"Inside the camera bag of X-Photographer" Series

By Kevin Mullins Inside the camera bag, Kevin Mullins, X-Photographer, UK
The Evolution of Tools for Mirrorless Cameras

Evolution of mirrorless camera as a system

By Elia Locardi Elia Locardi, USA, travel, urban, landscape
X-T2: Bert Stephani and Tom Museeuw in Studio

Bert Stephani and Tom Museeuw use X-T2 and EF-X500 in studio.

Bert Stephani, Tom Museeuw, flash, studio, portrait, X-Photographer, Belgium
Battery life management

How can you extend the battery life?

battery, technology
Inside the bag of the X-Photographer -Max De Martino

Series "Inside the bag of X-Photographer"

By Max De Martino Inside the camera bag, Max De Martino, Italy, X-Photographer

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