Wakako Jet


Born in Gifu City. After graduating from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design, she worked in the photo section of Kodansha. She later worked under Akihiko Matsumoto before going freelance. While she mainly takes photos for magazines and advertisements, she is also actively engaged in holding exhibitions and presenting her work as a photographer. Part-time instructor at Digital Hollywood University. Her works feature kind, cute and pretty worlds. A young up-and-coming female photographer.


To be honest, I thought it'd be difficult for camera-loving girls to handle it with its many functions, but at the same time, I thought the camera was fashionable and was pretty curious about it.

This is a camera that you can feel more and more comfortable with as you use its functions.

I found it a very “friendly” camera. It kindly guides you through what you don't understand.

X100 is lighter than it looks, and so, it is the prefect stylish camera to accompany you in your personal life. Its design will make you popular just by having it. The Film Simulation mode was more enjoyable than I expected. You wouldn't know it was made possible with a digital camera.

I remember the days when my creations were produced with reversal film. It's amazing how it can be done just with the camera. I hadn't imagined being able to taste the joy of reproduction once again. That is why my encounter with the X series camera is a valuable experience. It looks cool on the outside but I want this camera also to be used by camera-loving girls. The soft descriptive performance is sure to capture the hearts of girls.

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