Tom Museeuw


"Fotofolio photography " started in 2004, after a brief journey in the "urbex exploration" I started photographing model portfolios with child- and teenmodels for agencies in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. I rolled into the fashion industry by chance. To date, my work consist mainly of commercial assignments (magazines, apparel brands), the rest of my work is portraiture of children and I teach a lot of workshops “using natural light on location”. I shoot almost exclusively on location and preferably with available natural light. A photo shoot means fun and play for me. I am the director of the atmosphere during the shoot, the children are the actors and the customer ... do not worry, the customer is smiling happy at seeing the "fotofolio" show! 


I don't have a long history in using Fujifilm cameras, in 2015 I've made the switch to the Fujifilm X-T1 after shooting DSLR cameras for over 10 years. Switching to an APS-C camera had various reasons but the main one was the quality the X-T1 produced at a fraction of the weight and cost of my DSLR kit. After some real-world testing I compared the X-T1 results versus the RAW files my DSLR produced and I couldn't see a worth to mention difference in my line of work between a full-frame sensor and the "smaller" Fujifilm APS-C sensor. In my line of work (children's fashion) I need to deliver files to my clients that are as color correct as possible, with the X-series cameras I found no problems to deliver the quality my clients demand. I never had a client complaining about image quality or colors since I switched to Fujifilm. I'm a happy Fujifilm shooter :) 

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