GFX Panorama & Street Photography

Takashi Nakagawa travelled to Iceland with the GFX

FUJIFILM X100F with Conversion Lenses

X-Photographer Takashi Nakagawa takes shots of Kyoto with the X100F and the two conversion lenses.



Born in 1981 in Kyoto. Travels around the world for street and documentary photography. His works are published through various international media such as National Geographic. He has won National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year and other international photographic competition. 


As I travel around the world, I often encounter occasion in which only only compact cameras can conceive the moment. This is especially true, when I photograph people. The reaction is different when I photograph with DSLR and with the X Series. They feel more relaxed and comfortable with the smaller camera. I also get to show them respect with the compact camera.

When I get on airplane, I take all my gear with me to the plane. That way, I do not have to worry about lost baggages and I can head to my final destination from the airport quicker. But to do this, my luggage has to be small. If you travel overseas often, I recommend the X Series.

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