Sven Schroeter

New Zealand

Sven is a self taught freelance photographer specialising in portrait and street imagery. His clientele ranges from corporates, to models, families and infants. If there is a person in front of him he will have his camera at the ready moulding available natural and artificial lighting to suit. In the hunt for new and interesting characters Sven naturally progressed to searching the streets, the only place where a constantly evolving stream of fashion and self-expression is naturally occurring and where there is unique imagery lurking at every corner.

Born 1986 in Dusseldorf, Germany he immigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1994 and now considers himself a fully fledged kiwi. Since the big move he has been admiring the vast coastal landscapes and scenic colours, and takes full advantage of all the outdoor opportunities New Zealand has to offer.

Receiving a formal education in Electronics Engineering from the University of Auckland (graduated with a bachelors degree in 2009) has greatly helped him quickly pick up all technical aspects of photography, and allows him creative freedom without being phased by the rapidly advancing technological pace of the modern digital imaging world, from capture to print.

Sven says "photography is meant to be shared, holding images on your computer in the form of bits and bytes doesn't progress or develop our art or you as an individual. We should all be looking to print and share our work online so everyone can enjoy the imagery we so passionately seek and create".

100% self taught, his success and development can be directly attributed to the vast online knowledge base and imaging communities openly sharing their art. Sven frequently comments, "there is an infinite amount of knowledge available online ready for those who have their eyes and ears open and are paying attention". Progressing through local photography organisations both as a guest and co-founder, he looked for critique from highly regarded New Zealand commercial photographers at any opportunity to help guide and push his artistic confidence.

To give back to the wider community, which helped him develop into the photographer he is today, he fights for time to organise and teach his 'Community Projects', where any photographer is welcome to come along (regardless of skill level), ask questions and attend free workshops. These have been organised to encourage and develop a friendly community of like minded individuals looking to expand and learn.

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