Nikita Stupin


member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers

lecturer of the art of photography and composition on a faculty of the photo (The Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies)

member of the International Association of Photographers “Group 7”, founder of “Artist Creative Agency” (Canada), 

founder photo studio “Moustaches & Glasses” (Russia/Canada)

Nikita’s Stupin photos are real pieces of art and were exhibited at numerous personal and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His photos draw a great interest of private collectors and galleries. Lovers of artistic photography can buy his photo posters in the famous Russian book store chain - “REPUBLIC”.

The world "Moustaches & Glasses" studio makes you part of a very special black-and-white story where the line between reality and the photo so fine that you can barely feel it. Photo art of Nikita Stupin represent a bright and well recognizable genre of Straight Photography ("The honest photo").

The pictures made in this technic, absolutely exclude preliminary statement of a shot and the following retouch.

The drawing attention composition of a shot is reached only at the expense of a phenomenon of "Turning-point", the term once introduced by great Henri Cartier - Bresson.

“URBAN” series where each shot is conscious, but it isn't prearranged, and each object – is a symbol, forcing the the viewer to merge with the city. It is like we are observing streets through a lens of the hidden camera. The invisible photographer became part of the city, dissolved in it.

The wide opened doors and the dirty windows, the crowded squares and desert night parkings, magnificent cars and plastic cup on the ground – all of them are the main characters who have nothing to hide from us. They play the main role in this show named “Life”. People in a focus of photographer's camera – only the decorations changing with terrible speed. The real personality of the city, free from extraneous noises, sincerely looking at us from each photo of «URBAN» series.

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