Lucas Amorelli


Lucas Amorelli, 31, natural of Guaratinguetá-SP. Started his career in 2002 while his was studying Advertising at the Universidade do Vale de Itajaí – Univali (SC). A backpacker and former diver that lived in Patagonia for almost a year and, since 2006, has been traveling around America. Through this time contributed for National Geographic, Go Outside and Olympus blog. In 2012 moved to Santa Catarina state and started working at the Rede Globo affiliated, Grupo RBS. In the same year had his documentary work exposed in Rio+20. In 2014 won six corporated prizes and a Best Digital Design, becoming the most outstanding professional at the Santa Catarina Journal (Grupo RBS) of the year. Now he still contributes to National Geographic and explores the Amazon rainforest.


I follow the X series since the launch of the first model, but at the time I was still using my DSLR's. With the release of X100S model, I decided to risk it and do not regret it. With it, I can capture my favorite light, which is shortly after the sunset sun.

Today, I use the X100S and converters 28mm and 50mm in all my work in the Amazon. Among all the advantages I have, one of the main is its size and lightweight. Helping me in the long boat trips around the state.

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