Kyoko Kawano


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mother of one child.

Her photographic style is called "Yurukawa" 

"I want to take a photo of an intense blue sky!" was what she had in mind when she bought an SLR camera, which eventually fueled her passion for photography. 

Due to the gained popularity of a photo blog that she started in 2008, she started writing and giving lectures about photography mainly catered for women.

She specializes in capturing the everyday glimpses of life, such as "cute" and "beautiful", into dream-like soft-toned photos. 

She oversees a small photography class called "Atelier photo*chocot" in Yamashita-cho, Yokohama, which is dedicated to small groups, making it attractive to female students. 

She has authored several books such as "The first Yurukawa Photography lesson", "The notebook of how to take children's photograph", "How to take cute photographs with PEN Magic", and "Introduction to digital SLR photography".


I call my photographs "Yurukawa Photography". 

My subjects are cute, but I also use a loose-style to enhance their cuteness. 

I strive to take high key and slightly brilliant colored photos. 

Subtle control of color and exposure is vital to "Yurukawa Photography". 

Depending on the setting, the X-E1 is able to capture the highlight tones of images that would normally be overexposed by increasing the exposure.

That is one of the features that I really like about the camera. 

It undoubtedly takes good quality images, but I also like its classic shape. 

I am pleased that its size perfectly fits a woman's hand, and it is easy to carry. 

The XE-1's portability and functionality is indispensable for capturing the everyday moments of my cute and loose-style photography.

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