Joan Roca


As a frustrated teacher, fascinated by science and technology in all their forms, I have reached the time in my life where I can devote myself to teaching the knowledge I have acquired in the area of photography over the years, and which I do at different types of seminars, photography workshops and photographic trips.

I am still working on my project of photographically documenting with the greatest possible care all the species of animals and plants I come across and all the moments that nature invites me to experience.

These days I devote myself to photography, combining trips with teaching, workshops, publications in popular science magazines and collaborating with diverse international projects related to the promotion of living beings on the Internet, such as the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica, Florida International University and the – Enciclopedy of Life project. I am a regular collaborator with the Science Photography Department of the University of Alcalá de Henares.

Each year I prepare photographic trips around the Americas and Eastern Europe, photography courses across the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands, and general photography, nature photography and its related specialities and science photography workshops and courses.


My father introduced me to the fascinating world of photography not long after my 10th birthday. At the same time, my entire family taught me to love and respect nature and to live in and alongside it. I got my first single-lens reflex camera as an 18th birthday present.

It wasn’t until I was at university that I began to get more involved in the technique and possibilities that photography afforded. With the technology available then, and with the aim of changing the form of scientific publications of the time, I agreed to collaborate in the photographic challenge promoted by the Director of the Museu Geològic del Seminari de Barcelona geology museum, Dr. Luís Vía. There I learned the secrets of taking photos and the chemistry behind them. I entered the world of microphotography at the Geology Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Biology Department of the University of Barcelona.

Promoting science photography with other colleagues in Spain.

In the mid-1990s I went to live in the USA and Miami, Florida was my home until early 2002. It was during my time there that various factors came together which would change the world of photography and my own future. The first and most important was the revolution in the way of capturing light: digital photography. I think I was just in the right place at the right time. Without questioning it for a second, I spent all the time my job allowed learning more about this new technology. This meant I could be in contact with or a member of groups of experts who together travelled the rocky paths of digital photography in its early days. There I worked closely with Canon, at Canon USA, on the initial tests of the first digital SLRs the brand developed.

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