Yukio Uchida

Country : Japan

EXIF data: X20 F4.0 1/30 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F4.0 1/30 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F4.0 1/60 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F4.0 1/30 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F3.2 1/280 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F4.5 1/900 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F3.6 1/300 ISO100

EXIF data: X20 F7.1 1/900 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F5.6 1/900 ISO400

EXIF data: X20 F2.0 1/6 ISO800

EXIF data: X20 F2.5 1/8.5 ISO800

EXIF data: X20 F2.5 1/30 ISO2000

EXIF data: X20 F5.0 1/800 ISO400

EXIF data: X20 F2.8 1/170 ISO400


X20 is not an upgraded version of X10, it is rather a completely different camera. Only design and lens are same. Finder, that was like a free decoration, was changed such that it becomes completely usable, and the image quality has also improved drastically thanks to the X-trans sensor.
When using X20, I actually got worried that whether it would be all right to take a picture so easily. As it is equipped with functions like image stabilization, pictures can be taken more comfortably than X100S. It is like fishing without even attaching bait. You get a feeling that this is unmatched bargain.
You will not be able to even know the difference between the printed photographs unless you enlarge them significantly. If someone says that well X20 should be fine then, but you will miss and yearn for X100S. Thanks to the affable younger brother like X20, the existence of X100S becomes more significant.
How about having two cameras? Using X20 for the convenience of zoom, and X100S for fixed focal length...No, only one of them should be fine. You will be pressed to select one of them before the trip. It is also fun. It is like making a selection between a backpack and a suitcase. Selecting a backpack will allow you move around actively without even deciding the hotel. Selecting a suitcase has the advantage that you can exactly decide the space and leisurely move around in the neighboring areas.
Either one of them is fun anyway. Did you have a camera that is suitable for a journey like this?


Born in Ryotsu City (currently Sado City), Niigata Prefecture. Began free-lance work after working as a civil servant. Built a reputation for monochrome snaps while shooting celebrities on the side. Shown at solo exhibitions at Nikon Salon, Fuji Photo Salon and other well-known galleries. Contributes articles to camera magazines and newspapers, and shares his experience as a teacher. Styles himself “the last liberal arts photographer”.

Books he has authored include: “Leica to Monokuro no Hibi” (Black-and-white days with Leica), “Itsumo Camera Ga” (The camera always...) and “THE FinePix X100 BOOK”.

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