Derek Clark


Derek Clark is documentary and street photographer from Scotland, UK. He is a former winner of The Professional Photographer Of The Year Award in the News category and is also a member of The Kage Collective, an international group of documentary photographers telling stories with Fujifilm cameras. He shoots documentary projects in the UK and abroad with previous work including a project on Filipino orphanages for an NGO called SOS Children Villages.

Derek has been working on a long term project for a number of years that documents the jazz music scene in a similar style to how it was captured in the 50's and 60's. As an offshoot to this, his photographs have been used on CD covers. He is currently working on a book featuring some of the top jazz musicians of today.

Derek is also passionate about black and white street photography and has a dedicated site called 35mm Street

He also shoots portraits and a limited number of weddings in a documentary style each year.


As a documentary photographer I need small, quiet cameras that don't intimidate or distract my subject. The X Series delivers every time and the ability to shoot in very low light without the need for flash is essential for my type of photography. Add to that some of the sharpest fast lenses and a commitment from Fuji to constantly improve and refine the firmware in both new and superseded bodies. Fuji listens to customer feedback, so we get the cameras we want and need!

I have been shooting Fuji since the release of the original X100 back in 2011 and I'm stunned at how far the equipment has come in such a short number of years. The cameras are exactly what I need and the lenses are without doubt the sharpest I have used. One of the biggest advantages with the X-Trans sensor is the stunning colours and the quality of JPEG's straight out of camera that require a minimal amount of post processing.

I look forward to many years of the X-Series.

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