Bogdan Tache


Former corporate man, current ONG employee, I flirted with the arts since I was a child. I loved ballet and piano and sat for hours in front of the TV, before I knew even reading, to watch a concert of Christmas or New Year's Concert in Vienna.

I discovered photography 4-5 years ago but I thought there is no point buying an expensive equipment, to get a new toy only good for mop it dust. I had many experiences like this, when I bought expensive, what looked like would feed a passion and then sold It half to recover at least some of the money spent on an impression. Driven by the photos I discovered to a work colleague, I decided in November 2011 to risk. I got my first entry-level DSLR camera and that was the start of everything. I learned the art of using a camera methodical, stand at the beginning with that technical user manual and with the camera in my arms and learning from practicing with the device what I read previously in that manual. After I mastered the technique, I went out on the streets to take pictures.

After a while, when I switched to more sophisticated equipment and techniques, I realize that I have become a better person because of photography. Out on the streets, I manage to not seeing the evil that surrounds us, but beautiful things that would look good in a photo. I walk around like I have instead of my eye a camera, and with every wink I draw a frame.

I am photography.

It is a mode of communication but also the exhibition of feelings, attitudes, opinions or personal impressions about and from the world. It's my way of showing the world we live in a much more beautiful than the ugly world.

It is my manifesto antidote to ugliness.

First place at "Picture of the month July 2013" at Nikon Romania contest;
Finalist at "Picture of the year 2013" at Nikon Romania contest;
Official photographer at National Theatre Festival in 2013;
Published world wide.

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