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GFX stories with Murat Esibatir

Fashion photographer Murat Esibatir from Turkey shoots fashion on location with the GFX

by Murat Esibatir GFX, GFX Stories, Turkey, fashion
GFX stories with Kara Mercer

Kara Mercer from the US shoots fashion with the GF45mmF2.8 lens

by Kara Mercer GFX, GFX Stories, fashion, Kara Mercer, USA
GFX stories with Giulia Bianchi

Giulia Bianchi from Italy tracks down her family roots and captures with the GF45mmF2.8 lens

by Giulia Bianchi GFX, GFX Stories, Giulia Bianchi, Italy
GFX stories with Rommel Bundalian

X-Photographer Rommel Bundalian from the Philippines shoots with the GF45mmF2.8

by Rommel Bundalian GFX, X-Photographer, GFX Stories, Rommel Bundalian, Philippines
GFX stories with Hüseyin Taskin

X-Photographer Hüseyin Taskin from Turkey shoots with the GF45mmF2.8

by Hüseyin Taskin GFX, X-Photographer, GFX Stories, Hüseyin Taskin, Turkey
Working with the GFX

David A. Williams tells his hands-on experience with the GFX for his portrait works

by David A. Williams GFX Stories, GFX, portrait, David Williams, Canada
Headshots – The Behind-the-Scenes Story

German commercial photographer Thorsten Rother tells how he approached his project "Headshot"

by Thorsten Rother GFX Stories, GFX, Sara Lando, Italy, portrait, commercial photography
Impressions of the FUJIFILM GFX 50S by Sara Lando

Italian commercial photographer Sara Lando tells her experience with the GFX

by Sara Lando GFX Stories, GFX, Sara Lando, Italy, portrait, commercial photography
GFX stories with Markus&Koala

Markus&Koala use GFX 50S to capture series of portraits

by Markus&Koala GFX Stories, GFX, portrait
Capturing American Landscapes

Elia Locardi traveled across America with the GF23mmF4 lens to capture the various scenery.

by Elia Locardi GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, Elia Locardi, USA, landscape
GFX stories with Ichigo Sugawara -Sakhalin-

Japanese Photographer Ichigo Sugawara visited Sakhalin to take portriaiture of Nivkh people with the GFX

by Ichigo Sugawara GFX Stories, GFX, 菅原一剛, Sakhalin, portrait
The World from above with the GFX

French X-Photographer Pascal Bourguignon flies in a paramotor with GFX in his hands to capture the scenery from above!

by Pascal Bourguignon GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, aerial, Pascal Brouguignon, France
GFX Impression

Norwegian X-Photographer Daniel Tengs tells his impression on the new GFX camera system.

by Daniel Tengs GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, Daniel Tengs, Norway, extreme sports
A Dream Come True

Swedish X-Photographer Serkan Günes shares his idea of a dream camera as a landscape photographer.

by Serkan Günes GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, Sweden, portrait, Serkan Günes, landscape
Knut Koivisto가 말하는 GFX

스웨덴의 X-포토그래퍼 Knut Koivisto가 새로운 GFX카메라 시스템에 대한 인상을 이야기 합니다.

by Knut Koivisto GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, Knut Koivisto, Sweden, portrait
GFX스토리 with Heinz Zak

오스트리아의 X-포토그래퍼 Heinz Zak이 오스트리아에서 가장 높은 산 정상에서 GFX로 풍경촬영에 도전합니다.

by Heinz Zak X-Photographer, GFX Stories, GFX, landscape, Heinz Zak, Austria
인터뷰 : Piet Van den Eynde

벨기에의 X-포토그래퍼 Piet Van den의 GFX에 관한 인터뷰 기사입니다.

by Piet Van den Eynde GFX Stories, GFX, Piet Van den Eynde, Belgium, X-Photographer, India

GFX로 촬영한 TOILETPAPER 매거진의 작업 현장을 만나보세요.

by TOILETPAPER Magazine TOILETPAPER Magazine, Italy, studio, GFX Stories, GFX
GFX스토리 with Christian Ringer

독일의 X-포토그래퍼 Christian Ringer가 GF23mmF4와 함께 풍경사진 촬영을 위해 노르웨이를 방문했습니다.

by Christian Ringer X-Photographer, GFX Stories, GFX, Germany, Norway, landscape, Christian Ringer
GFX스토리 with Sean Conboy

영국의 사진가 Sean Conboy가 GF23mmF4를 사용하여 Blackpool Tower를 촬영 했습니다.

by Sean Conboy Sean Conboy, UK, architecture, GFX Stories, GFX
GFX스토리 with Ray Martin Part.1

호주의 포토저널리스트 Ray Martin이 GFX로 태즈매니아에 사는 사람들을 취재하였습니다.

by Ray Martin X-Photographer, GFX Stories, GFX, Ray Martin, Australia, documentary
GFX스토리 with Ray Martin Part.2

호주의 포토저널리스트 Ray Martin이 GFX로 태즈매니아에 사는 사람들을 취재하였습니다.

by Ray Martin X-Photographer, GFX Stories, GFX, Ray Martin, Australia, documentary
GFX스토리 with Oliver Wehrli

스위스의 사진가 Oliver Wehrli가 GFX 50S와 GF23mmF2로 풍경사진을 촬영하였습니다.

by Oliver Wehrli X-Photographer, GFX Stories, GFX, Oliver Wehrli, Switzerland, nature, landscape
GFX스토리 with Julien Apruzzese

프랑스의 사진가 Julien Apruzzese가 GFX 50S와 GF110mmF2로 촬영하였습니다.

by Julien Apruzzese Julien Apruzzese, X-Photographer, France, GFX Stories, GFX, commercial photography
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