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GFX stories with Eric Bouvet

X-Photographer Eric Bouvet tests the GF45mmF2.8 R WR

by Eric Bouvet GFX, X-Photographer, France, Eric Bouvet
X-E3: Pascal Xicluna

Pascal Xicluna uses X-E3 to capture scenery from above

by Pascal Xicluna X-Photographer, France
X-E3: Agathe Poupeney

Agathe Poupeney shoots with the new X-E3

by Agathe Poupeney France, Agathe Poupeney
GFX Mash Up Patrick Hanez x Cambo

Patrick Hanez uses GFX with the Cambo Actus view camera for food photography

by Patrick Hanez GFX Mashup, GFX, X-Photographer, Patrick Hanez, France
GFX Mash Up Thomas Vollaire x Westcott

French X-Photographer Thomas Vollaire uses Westcott LED lighting system to realize his photographic vision

by Thomas Vollaire GFX Mashup, GFX, X-Photographer, France, Thomas Vollaire
The World from above with the GFX

French X-Photographer Pascal Bourguignon flies in a paramotor with GFX in his hands to capture the scenery from above!

by Pascal Bourguignon GFX Stories, GFX, X-Photographer, aerial, Pascal Brouguignon, France
GFX스토리 with Julien Apruzzese

프랑스의 사진가 Julien Apruzzese가 GFX 50S와 GF110mmF2로 촬영하였습니다.

by Julien Apruzzese Julien Apruzzese, X-Photographer, France, GFX Stories, GFX, commercial photography
GFX Stories with Pascal Bourguignon -GF23mmF4 R LM WR

X-Photographer Pascal Bourguignon shot aerial photography with the GFX 50S and GF23mmF4

by Pascal Bourguignon GFX Stories, GFX, France, aerial
X-T2: Emmanuel Pampuri의 4K 엽서

X-T2의 4K 동영상 촬영

by Emmanuel Pampuri 4K, movie, Emmanuel Pampuri, France
텔레컨버터를 사용한 야생 동물 촬영 - Jacques Gillon

텔레컨버터를 사용한 야생 동물 촬영 - Jacques Gillon

by Jacques Gillon Jacques Gillon, France, wildlife, X-Photographer
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