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GFX 테크놀로지 #6

완전히 새로운 "컬러크롬효과" 에 대한 심도싶은 기사입니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, G Mount, film simulation, Velvia, color chrome effect
GFX 테크놀로지 #5

GFX화질 설계에 대한 심도깊은 기사입니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, G Mount, film simulation, PROVIA, ASTIA
GFX 50S: Surpassing All Expectations

X-Photographer Kara Mercer shares her impression of the GFX 50S for her commercial work.

by Kara Mercer GFX, X-Photographer, USA, Kara Mercer, commercial photography, portrait, travel
GFX테크놀로지 #4

GFX셔터 설계에 대한 심도깊은 기사입니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, G Mount, shutter
개혁과 재건

영국의 X-포토그래퍼 Saraya Cortaville이 X-T20프로토타입 카메라로 2015년 지진피해를 입은 네팔 마을의 재건 현장을 담았습니다.

by Saraya Cortaville Saraya Cortaville, documentary, X-Photographer, Nepal
GFX 테크놀로지 #3

새로운 GF렌즈 개발에 대해 심층적으로 소개합니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, G Mount, GF Lens
GFX 테크놀로지 #2

새로운 G Mount개발에 대한 심도싶은 이야기를 들려드립니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, G Mount
Michael Coyne with XF23mmF2 R WR

Photojournalist Michael Coyne documents the life of the people in rural villages in Borneo.

Michael Coyne, photojournalism, X-Photographer, Australia, documentary
GFX Challenge with Niko Villegas

X-Photographer Niko Villegas from the Philippines shoots fashion with GFX 50S

by Niko Villegas GFX challenge, Niko Villegas, X-Photographer, Philippines, fashion
Graphite in the street

Find out how the X-Pro2 Graphite was born.

by FUJIFILM development story, graphite
GFX 테크놀로지 #1

새로운 GFX센서에 대해 심도깊게 소개합니다.

by FUJIFILM GFX Technologies, GFX, sensor
FUJIFILM GFX 50S Promotional Video

Promotional video of FUJIFILM GFX 50S

by FUJIFILM promotional movie, GFX
Rommel Bundalian (Philippines) x Documentary

X-Photographer Rommel Bundalian documents Kuraldal Guagua.

by Rommel Bundalian Rommel Bundalian, Philippines, culture, X-Photographer
EF-X500 Testing on location

2nd episode of EF-X500 by Max De Martino

by Max De Martino Max De Martino, Simone Raso, flash, sports, portrait, Italy, X-Photographer
Gabriele Lopez -Episode #5

Episode #5 from Italian X-Photographer Gabriele Lopez

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, Italy, diary, street photography, documentary, X-Photographer
"Daily life" Photography by Hai Tre

Episode #3 by Vietnamese X-Photographer Hai Tre.

by Hai Tre Hai Tre, street photography, Vietnam, X-Photographer
Nordic Aftermath Part 4: The X-T2 on the streets

X-Photographer Jonas Dyhr Rask tells his take on the street photography with X-T2

by Jonas Dyhr Rask Jonas Dyhr Rask, Denmark, Nordic Aftermath, monochrome, street photography, ACROS, EVF, Tilting LCD, X-Photographer
Ben Cherry -How I use X Series for Nature Photography

Ben Cherry breaks down his use of the X Series for Nature Photography.

by Ben Cherry Ben Cherry, UK, nature, wildlife, landscape, Velvia, CLASSIC CHROME, X-Photographer
Jára Sijka on X-Pro2 #3

Episode #3 "X-Pro2" by Jára Sijka

by Jára Sijka Jára Sijka, Canada, X-Photographer, Czech Republic, bike, outdoor, extreme sports
Shinjuku crush -Tomasz Lazar

Polish X-Photographer Tomasz Lazar visits Shinjuku, the world's busiest train station.

by Tomasz Lazar Tomasz Lazar, X-Photographer, Japan, Shinjuku, street photography, documentary, Poland
Heels of Heart

X-Photographer Megan Lewis follows the life of Tommy, a man living in rural Australia.

by Megan Lewis Megan Lewis, Australia, short film, documentary, X-Photographer
Nordic Aftermath Part 3: The Classic Races

Episode #3 of Nordic Aftermath by Jonas Dyhr Rask

by Jonas Dyhr Rask Jonas Dyhr Rask, Nordic Aftermath, X-Photographer, Denmark, autofocus, motor sports
XF23mmF2 into the stardom

What is so special about XF23mmF2?

by FUJIFILM lens, XF Lens, F2 Series, development story
Jára Sijka on X-Pro2 #2

X-Photographer Jára Sijka returns to his homeland Czech Republic

by Jára Sijka Jára Sijka, Canada, Czech Republic, extreme sports, street photography
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