Pedro Armestre


Pedro ARMESTRE (A Rasela, Verin. Ourense. 1972) Photojournalist since 1993. Started in the laboratory of Europa Press agency to continue on the Cover Agency, El Mundo, Interviú magazine.

Since 2003 he is dedicated, cover information for the International Agence France Presse recently combining this activity with the realization of multimedia content for television and other channels of information.

Maintains collaboration with various organizations for performing work of documentation national and international; for media, exhibitions, journalistic investigations, etc.

He has made photographic works, for companies of various nature, as well as for numerous media.

Highlight publications worldwide through The International Agence France Presse and other distribution channels.

Founding member, along with journalist Susana Hidalgo, of the digital magazine Calamar2 ( specializing in social and environmental reports with a largely audiovisual approach.

Throughout his career he has received several awards: "Pictures of the Year Poy Latan", the International award "Rey de España" of journalism, First position in the international prize: "Pictures of the Year International POYi, in category: Science & Natural history picture story", "Ortega y Gasset", National journalism award "Manos Unidas", etc.

He has edited, two photographic books, of which, he is the own author, and participated in numerous collectives.

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