Diego Buñuel


Diego Buñuel is a journalist and filmmaker, working as Head of Documentaries for Canal Plus since 2014.

At the beginning of 2000, he was a war correspondent for the CAPA agency and covered major events such as September 11, the American intervention in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq.

In 2006, he did his first assignment for the "Ne dites pas à ma mère" ("Don’t tell my mother") series (Canal+, National Geographic Channel); he introduces another point of view, which receives little media coverage, on the countries that dominate the headlines because of their conflicts, instability or corruption.

In September 2011, he experienced a more extreme period in which he became embedded within the Pakistani army, followed by tours to Antarctica, Ukraine, as well as Central America and Guyana.

In March 2012, he launched a new concept called "Boomerang" – a collection of 90-minute documentaries, broadcast in prime time on Canal+ channel. They followed our everyday little pleasures or objects to show us what their manufacturers would prefer us to ignore, while suggesting ethically responsible solutions.

Diego is always looking for equipment best suited to the adventurous conditions of his assignments, so he worked with the X-Pro1 as soon as it was released, then turned to the X-T1. Since then, he has always been satisfied with this lightweight and high-quality equipment. He was the president of the FUJIFILM jury for the photo competition "Les Talents Nomades 2014"


Before the FUJIFILM X-Series cameras were released, it was physically challenging to take pictures at the other end of the world. As a TV reporter, I already had all the necessary video equipment and an additional backpack for my SLR camera and three lenses (a wide-angle lens, a zoom lens and a 85mm lens with a fast aperture). Total weight: 10kg. When I went to the field, I often had to choose between the movie camera and the camera. With the X-Pro1 and then the X-T1, that was not a problem anymore. I could carry everything with me without any discomfort and take all the pictures when we put the movie camera away.

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