X-Pro2 x Rommel Bundalian

X-Pro2を使ってRommel Bundalianが幻想的な風景を捉えます。

by Rommel Bundalian Rommel Bundalian, documentary, Philippines, X-Photographer
X-Pro2 x Tomasz Lazar "Beyond Obvious"

Tomasz LazarがX-Pro2と共にラスベガスを訪ねました。

by Tomasz Lazar short film, Tomasz Lazar, documentary, aerial, Poland, X-Photographer
XF100-400mm x X-Photographers


by FUJIFILM motor sports, red badge zoom, X-Photographer
X Series x Chris Upton

Chris UptonがXシリーズで撮る風景写真について語ります。

by Chris Upton Chris Upton, landscape, documentary, UK, X-Photographer
Rhythm of urban photography Milan

Gabriele Lopez captures the street of Milan with the the X-E2S

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, Italy, street photography, urban, documentary, X-Photographer
X-E2S x Massimiliano Angeloni

Massimiliano Angeloni uses X-E2S to capture the moment in boxing gym.

by Massimiliano Angeloni Massimiliano Angeloni, Italy, documentary, X-Photographer
Max De Martino in Via Emilia

Max De Martino gets on the road "Via Emilia" with the XF35mmF2 R WR

by Max De Martino Max De Martino, Italy, X-Photographer
Dirk Bogaerts@富士スピードウェイ

XフォトグラファーDirk Bogaertsをインタビューしました。

by Dirk Bogaerts Dirk Bogaerts, X-Photographer, motor sports
Andrew Hall@富士スピードウェイ

XフォトグラファーAnrew Hallをインタビューしました。

by Andrew Hall Andrew Hall, X-Photographer, motor sports
John Rourke@富士スピードウェイ

XフォトグラファーJohn Rourkeをインタビューしました。

by John Rourke John Rourke, X-Photographer, motor sports
Jeff Carter@富士スピードウェイ

XフォトグラファーJeff Carterをインタビューしました。

by Jeff Carter Jeff Carter, X-Photographer, motor sports
Pål Laukli and the X Series

Nordic X-Photographer Pål Laukli talks on his use of X series cameras for his photography

by Pål Laukli Pål Laukli, Norway, X-Photographer
Beyond Limits

Chris Weston test the XF1.4 TC WR in Katmai Peninsula, Alaska

by Chris Weston Chris Weston, X-Photographer, wildlife
Behind the Scenes

X-Photographer João Carlos takes headshots of actors and actress for a project.

by João Carlos João Carlos, X-Photographer

Short documentary by Tim Georgeson

by Tim Georgeson Tim Georgeson, X-Photographer, short film, New York, street photography

FUJIFILM X-T10の製品紹介映像です。

by FUJIFILM promotional movie
X-T10 x Charlene Winfred

Charlene Winfred visits Austaralia with FUJIFILM X-T10

by Charlene Winfred Charlene Winfred, X-Photographer, Australia
Chris Weston talkshow @CP+ 2015

Footage of Chris Weston talkshow at CP+ 2015

by Chris Weston Chris Weston, CP+, X-Photographer
Knut Koivisto talkshow @CP+ 2015

Knut Koivisto talkshow at CP+ 2015

by Knut Koivisto Knut Koivisto, CP+, X-Photographer
Damien Lovegrove talkshow @CP+ 2015

Damien Lovegrove talkshow at CP+ 2015

by Damien Lovegrove Damien Lovegrove, CP+, X-Photographer
Tomasz Lazar talkshow @CP+ 2015

Tomasz Lazar talkshow @CP+ 2015

by Tomasz Lazar Tomasz Lazar, CP+, X-Photographer
XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR x Flemming Bo Jensen

Flemming Bo Jensen visits Zouk in Singapore and test the XF16-55mF2.8

by Flemming Bo Jensen Flemming Bo Jensen, X-Photographer
Fashion shoot with N.Villegas 2/2

Part 2 of X-Photographer Niko Villegas in action

by Niko Villegas Niko Villegas, X-Photographer, Philippines
Fashion shoot with N.Villegas 1/2

Part 1 of X-Photographer Niko Villegas in action.

by Niko Villegas Niko Villegas, X-Photographer, Philippines
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