Eric Bouvetが語るXシリーズとの4年間

Eric BouvetがXシリーズへの思いを語ります。

by Eric Bouvet 5 years of X Series, Eric Bouvet, X-Photographer, France, photojournalism, documentary, reportage
Patrick La Roqueが語る、Xシリーズとの5年間

Patrick La RoqueがXシリーズについて語ります。

by Patrick La Roque 5 years of X Series, Patrick La Roque, X-Photographer, Canada, documentary, street photography
Manufacturing Story of X-T10

Factory tour of X-T10. See how the camera is manufactured.

by FUJIFILM development story

Short documentary by Tim Georgeson

by Tim Georgeson Tim Georgeson, X-Photographer, short film, New York, street photography
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