Wayne Johns


Wayne Johns has been a professional Fashion, Beauty, Advertising, Portrait Photographer for over 20 years, he’s currently based in London. Best known for his crisp and emotive imagery, Wayne has gained international recognition as a 'master of lighting techniques’. He has also invited to become part of ‘TeamBowens’ as one of their lighting masters, and gives live workshops and seminars across the globe. A finalist in many Awards over the years including ‘Professional Photographer of the Year’ and the very prestigious ‘Hasselblad Masters’ Awards.

From large scale commercial commissions or Ad Campaigns, to intimate personal projects, he always ensures that there is a beautiful depth to each image he creates. This mastery of technique, and attention to detail, also see him as a respected director and means that Wayne is as in-demand for his Fashion/Beauty Workshops and by Fashion universities, to teach his style, as he is by corporate clients to create world-class images.

His inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for creativity is fuelled from his passion for enjoying life, everything it has to offer and anything or anyone that surrounds him at any given time. Wayne welcomes a creative shoot brief so he can use his creativity to produce amazing images for his clients. His clients include the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ, Hasselblad, Leica, Bowens, Nike, L'oreal, Fujifilm, Sekonic, NEXT, Coca-Cola, ITV, Channel4, Rimmel, Haute Magazine. His new Fashion & Beauty Workshops are set to commence later this year, and will be available around the globe.


I began my career in the days of film, before digital was even around, even then Fuji films were my choice over Kodak.

As both a DSLR and Medium Format user in my career, a lot of my work can be studio based with technical lighting set ups. For 20 years I’ve been a Canon DSLR user, until recently. I now shoot the majority of my Fashion, Beauty and Advertising work using the brilliant X-T1 and the beautiful line up of lenses that are available for it. The new 56mm f/1.2 and the 50-140mm f/2.8 are truly stunning.

For my kind of work it gives me everything my Canon’s used to and more; the lovely filmic quality the images have is just beautiful and the true colours are just so pleasing to the eye. Its size, so small and so light, is absolutely fantastic. Hand holding for an all-day shoot is so easy and effortless.

A lot of my beauty work requires absolutely pin sharp details and colour rendition, the X-T1 delivers this bang-on every time; and those that have attended one of my seminars or Live Shows will know how tack sharp the detail is from this system, as they’ve seen it live on the big screen as I shoot it.

A tremendous ‘little’ system, with tremendously ‘big’ results packed full of quality and features, that brings the excitement back into shooting again.

I also use the X-Pro1 as a personal camera, a carry-around if you will, but I love the rangefinder style of this and the black & white images out of this are just gorgeous.

I was concerned and undecided if I was going to keep both or switch completely, all I can say is I have no regrets at all. It says a lot when a Commercial pro of over 20 years makes a switch from all his DSLR kit for a beautiful compact unit full of creative dynamite, with lens options and quality that are truly outstanding! - and I’ve had prints from this system at nearly 5 metres tall for exhibitions…

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