Victor Hamke


I am a 28 years old Fine Art photographer from Leipzig, Germany. I was raised in Western Germany and went more and more East over the course of the years. I graduated in Literary, Cultural and Media studies but my real passion in life lies in photography, photomanipulation or let's just say visual art in general. I discovered it years ago when I had saved money for an eye surgery and decided to spend it in something art-related (as I wasn't an artist of any kind until that moment), which would make me grow as a person and add that little something in life that I was still missing. And well – it was a camera.

Looking back it was the best decision I ever made and I've fallen in love with photographyimmediately.

What I have in common with many peers of mine is the background of being a complete self-taught artist (I draw a fine line between an artist and a photographer and I consider myself the former, but that is just me). As I said I don't consider that fact to be that special. Still it gives me a less convential perspective on things, because I never learned by the „rules“ of creating photos and instead went more for an intuition-driven creative process.

Where am I today? I'm closer to where I want to be – artistically speaking - but I find it important to always strive for more, so that is what I do. This means to me, that I still see more room to make photos reflect my inner world, my vision.

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