Shintaro Shiratori


Worked at Shiseido Photographic Studio and Hakuhodo Photographic Studio section (now Hakuhodo Products Inc.) before establishing the Shiratori Photo Office in 1989.

Held exhibitions for the publishing of his photo collections "Shiratori Photo Studio" and "Kao – Shiratori Photo Studio."

In 2009, held the "Trapped Women" exhibition in Italy.

Has taken photographs for numerous advertisements.

Has received many awards, including the Art Director's Club Award for the ADC Awards, Grand Prize for the Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition, Grand Prize for the Yomiuri Advertising Awards, Asahi Advertising Award, and The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for the APA.


I am a nut when it comes to compact cameras. Since most times at work I take photographs for large-size materials, I mostly used heavy medium-size cameras with films and still use them even after going digital. Photographers should act as hunters that seek their prey, the subject, and thus, I always carry a camera in my bag or my pocket, but the heavy camera I use for work is difficult to carry around regularly. Photo opportunities are hidden in everyday scenes. Therefore, I have always wanted a compact camera with good performance. However, it was difficult for me to find the perfect camera as some cameras had good design but offered poor image quality while others had good image quality but a dull design or excess decorations. Finally, my encounter with X10 has ended my long search for the right compact camera. It is amazing how it captures dark subjects and enables super macro shots as if it was done with my own eyes. I am able to call X10 my favorite camera, something I hadn't been able to do in the digital age.

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