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Born in Rostock, Germany, André studied architecture in Potsdam and later Art, Design, Sculpture, Philosophy and Sociology at the Edinburgh College of Art. After three years as a freelance architect on the Canary Islands he gave up his job, returned his apartment and pasted his daily routine on the drawing board – initiating a multi-year bicycle journey through South America.

During and since that time he works as a freelance photographer and storyteller. He's a member of the renowned agency for photos & reports laif. His photographs are published in newspapers like DIE ZEIT and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. André recounts his travels in elaborate photo and film shows infecting his audience with humour and vivid freshness.

Currently, André is opening yet another chapter: He not just talks about his travels – he actually takes people to his favourite destinations. He calls it "Trips for Livelovers".

When André isn't travelling, he lives in the small village of Bäbelin, Germany, where he creates the "Kunterbunthof", a place of encounter and exchange for lovely people from all over the world.

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