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FUJIFILM X System by Afton Almaraz

Afton Almaraz tells his story with the X Series



Afton Almaraz was born in Los Angeles, California and has lived in various parts of East Asia and the United States. Now based in New York City and working as a Picture Editor for Getty Images, he continues to pursue a variety of photographic projects. During his education at Brooks Institute of Photography he interned as a photo editor at TIME' s Asia edition in Hong Kong, served as a personal photographer for former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and attended the Eddie Adams Workshop (Barnstorm XXI). Upon graduation from Brooks, Afton worked as a photo editor in AOL' s New York newsroom.

His photographic work has appeared in publications such as TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Stern and The Rolling Stones, amongst others. Clients have included Getty Images, Associated Press, Aurora Photos, ZUMA Press, The Wall Street Journal and the Smithsonian Magazine.

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