X-T2 -First Impression

Since I was very satisfied by the cutting-edge improvement on the X-Pro2, I could not wait until the new release of the X-T2 because it is the most versatile model among the X Series. Eventually, I had a chance to hold the new X-T2 in my hand, and the new experience that I had is far from what I had expected from this camera:

The new design makes it possible to eliminate the Record Button under the Shutter Release Button, which used to cause difficulties in pressing the right button. In addition, the Drive-dial is now switchable between camera mode and record mode and the shutter will do the rest. So brilliant!

The camera body design, the grip and the handgrip help to bring more stability to optimize the photography experience. It is much more improving than they have ever been before.

Personally, what I mostly appreciate is that the X-T2 comes with simultaneous external design and the internal features. The LCD tilt screen allows us to see in various angles and it makes X-T2 as the perfection among X Series models. Compared to the previous experience with X-T1, now shooting from high-level angle and from low-level angle seem comfortable and possible with three dimensions tilt frame. Photography experience is now endless for every angle, from horizontal to vertical angle.

Photo by Hai Tre: X-T2 and XF35mmF1.4 R
X-T2 & XF35mmF1.4 R

The newly developed feature of Performance Boost optimizes and maximizes the camera operation in a special mode that is more agile and more powerful.

The additional setting AF-C Custom provides six optimal focusing options for particular photography moments, which also claims acceleration and intelligence as the X-T2’s signature.

The distinctive Vertical Grip designed specifically for the X-T2 is fully equipped with functions such as Fn button, Quick menu button, Focus lever… and increase the capacity up to 3 batteries at once.

The X-T2 truly fulfills me with its power, versatility, weather resistant ability, long life battery and advanced features ensuring high image quality, all of them are in an elegant and vintage compact body.

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