X Stories

Graphite in the street

Find out how the X-Pro2 Graphite was born.

by FUJIFILM development story, graphite
XF23mmF2 ke dalam ketenaran

What is so special about XF23mmF2?

by FUJIFILM lens, XF Lens, F2 Series, development story
Rangkuman Photokina 2016

See what took happened at Fujifilm booth in Photokina 2016

by FUJIFILM Photokina, GFX challenge, development story
Development of Medium Format Mirrorless Camera System “GFX”

Documentary footage of the Fujifilm staff involved in the development of GFX.

by FUJIFILM development story, GFX
Penyetelan Kustom AF-C X-T2

Breakdown of X-T2 AF-C Custom Setting

by FUJIFILM autofocus, development story, AF-C
Evolusi autofokus untuk X-T2 dan X-Pro2 Versi 2.00

Development story on evolution of autofocus

by FUJIFILM development story, autofocus
Sudahkah AF menjadi lebih cepat lebih lanjut?

In-depth coverage on autofocus performance

by FUJIFILM autofocus, development story
Dengan Jendela Bidik Optik, X70

In-depth look into the optional Optical viewfinder

by FUJIFILM viewfinder, development story, OVF
X paling dicintai

X100 Series the most loved X?

by FUJIFILM development story
XF35mmF2 R WR

In-depth look into the new XF35mmF2 R WR

by FUJIFILM F2 Series, development story, XF Lens, lens
Kedalaman ruang yang dalam

A story on Depth of field

by FUJIFILM depth of field, development story
Rana Bidang Fokus

A development story on focal plane shutter

by FUJIFILM shutter, development story
Indah dengan riasan cahaya

A story on X-Pro2 design

by FUJIFILM development story, design
Kenop, menyembul

A story on X-Pro2's dials

by FUJIFILM development story, dial
Maksimalkan X yang terkecil

A story on X70

by FUJIFILM development story
X-Pro2, apakah AF lebih cepat?

A story on autofocus.

by FUJIFILM development story, autofocus
bagian akhir dari lensa Dudukan-X

A story on XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR

by FUJIFILM development story, telephoto, XF Lens, red badge zoom
Apa yang Anda lihat dalam jendela? Bagian 2

Episode #2 on Hybrid Viewfinder

by FUJIFILM development story, viewfinder, OVF, EVF
Simulasi Film "ACROS" Terbaru

A development story on ACROS film simulation

by FUJIFILM development story, film simulation, ACROS, monochrome, portrait
Manufacturing Story of X-T10

Factory tour of X-T10. See how the camera is manufactured.

by FUJIFILM development story
Rancangan lensa XF90mmF2 R LM WR

Development story on lens design of XF90mmF2 R LM WR.

by FUJIFILM development story, optics, XF Lens
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