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I had my first experience with a mirrorless camera three years ago with the FUJIFILM X-E2. I saved my money to get one because I was drawn to its classic design. As a woman photographer, I enjoyed the style and lightness of the X-E2.

A year after, I became one of the FUJIFILM X-Photographers around the world. It is one of the proudest moments in my career. I travel a lot for work and assignments and the Fujifilm cameras never failed me.

Couple, Hugs, Love, Moments, New York, USA
X-Pro2 & XF18mmF2 R, F8, 1/640s, ISO3200
X-Pro2 & XF23mmF1.4 R, F10, 1/2000s, ISO1600

My main camera has been the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 up until the much anticipated medium format was introduced. The FUJIFILM GFX 50S gives me the confidence to produce high quality files that can be printed in large format. While most of my work is in black and white, the GFX 50S made me fall in love with colors again. The unique color palette is something that only Fujifilm can produce, because of its long history with film. Most of my work now are taken with the GFX 50S. Sometimes, I even use it for street.

GFX 50S & GF63mmF2.8 R WR, F5.6, 1/250s, ISO1000
GFX 50S & GF63mmF2.8 R WR, F9, 1/125s, ISO2000

The X100F, on the other hand, is a tiny camera packed with amazing functions. It is my everyday camera for street photography. People do not notice me when I am photographing them – making me a ninja. This camera is fast and invisible.

I also enjoy the fact that I do not need to worry about my cameras under bad weather. The GFX is a weather resistant camera and I’ve used the other Fujifilm cameras without worries, rain or shine. I love that these cameras let me do my work and enjoy photography daily.

On a recent trip to Japan, I went to a Mosque on assignment to shoot for a paper. I used my X100F on the first day and noticed that the people I am photographing are more relaxed because I was not using a big DSLR. In my line of work, it is critical to establish trust between the subject and I on the first day. I was able to get the access and take some intimate images with the X100F. It is compact, quiet and not intrusive on first day shoots yet it still gives me high quality images especially on print.

X-Pro2 & XF14mmF2.8 R, F5, 1/2000s, ISO3200

What I also love about Fujifilm mirrorless cameras is the ACROS film simulation. I shoot mostly in RAW for color and use Jpeg for ACROS – giving me choices. The black and white tone of the ACROS really suits my style. It also saves me a lot of time as I can just transfer the ACROS Jpegs into my phone for social media.

Lastly, I’ve been shooting Fujifilm for years not only because the output is of professional quality but also because of the people behind it. They aim for quality and perfection yet they never forget the fun of photography, making sure that photographers like me keep our passion for photography going.

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