Sachi Murai


After the career as a diving instructor in Okinawa, Japan, Sachi Murai entered the photography industry. The first job was an assistant of an advertising photographer. Then, he worked as a photographer for Marine Art Center CO., Ltd publishes magazines related to diving and resorts. He took many photographs on many beaches in the world during the time. After that, he decided to become a freelance photographer in 2004. He dives into many oceans in the world and he is good at catching the moment with her unique and gentle sensitivity. Currently, not only in oceans, but also in various places in the world, she continues to take photographs with "happy moment".

[ Photo Exhibition ]

2010 "Earth Flowers" ( 3 galleries in Japan)

2012 "AloHeart ~feel HAWAII with your heart~" (76 galleries including 4 canon galleries)

[ Books ]

2010. 3 "Love Camera vol.1"

2010.10 "Love Camera vol.2"

2012. 8 "ALOHEART"

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