Randall Cipriano


Randall has been photographing landscapes since 2007. He has received multiple awards and his landscape and architectural photos have been featured in several local and international publications.

He has captured some of the best landscapes around the Philippines - a country with a scenic coastline stretching kilometers on end and provinces with mountains, rivers and lakes just waiting to be explored and photographed. He travels around the country and beyond in search of that moment where light and landscape meet for that epic frame. He is also one of the pioneers of digital false-color infrared in the Philippines with his unique methods of post-processing combined with long-exposures that have resulted in dynamic and surreal images.

He treats photography as a journey and a path of continued learning. He values the challenge of learning something new by visiting new places and revisiting the old; meeting new people, and looking for the chance to use tools and new technologies to improve upon the craft of photography. That is his goal, his passion - to use whatever spare time to travel and explore; to see and capture the amazing show of landscape and light wherever that may be.

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