Qun Chen


After a fruitful career in medical research for 20 years, Qun Chen made an abrupt change in life-path by turning into a full time travel writer/photographer. In last 12 years, his work has been featured numerous times in Chinese editions of National Geographic Traveler, Travel and Leisure, among a colorful array of major hospitality/travel media. Travel is his passion and his life, photography is the foundation to support his lifestyle. Qun Chen is a self-taught old school photographer started in the film age, but has embraced the digital evolution since its dawn. Being a travel writer/photographer, Qun Chen has been a world traveler logging over millions of miles. Life has never been more glorious and fascinating than being on the edge of the world with a camera in the hand.


X-S1 has the super long zoom lens and excellent image quality. Its macro function and tilt LCD also give convenience for my animal shooting.

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