Felipe García Segovia


Luís Felipe García-Segovia Merino.



2000 to present - EFTI

Professor at the EFTI School of Photography and Image Centre.

Since 2009

Monthly publicity and catalogue photography for the Durán Group.

Reproductions of works of art and publicity photography for media organisations.

Other photographic work; 1997-present

Interior design, advertising and catalogue photography for companies including Bulgari, Christies, Nine West, Superga, Zun Zu Accesorios, S.L., ASCOLOR (photo montages), Vía Serrano (jewellery and watches), Col y Col, Blundell Retail, S.A., Comptoir Des Cotonniers, The Northface, Sisley, Safilo, Etam, Caramelo, Sugar, Veuve Clicquot, SK II, etc.

Press releases and events coverage for businesses including Yahoo, Tinkle, Brugal, Philip Morris, Suárez, Synergie Consultores, the French Embassy, ARCO, the Spanish Federation of Environmental Associations, etc.

2007 - Media Planning

Studio photography of the management committee in different locations

2006 - Saragossa Provincial Council

Reproductions of works of art

2006 - Professor, Círculo de Bellas Artes

Chemical laboratory classes, Círculo de Bellas Artes.

2005 - 2007 Media Contacts, S.A.

Studio photography for webpage

2005 - Compañía Española de Servicios Aeronáuticos (CESA)

Industrial photography

2003 - 2009 Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation

Shooting works of art for Spain's National Heritage organisation

Analogue photography (large and medium format)

2002 - 2007 Eurocopter.

Industrial and air (civil and military) photography, helicopters

2002 - 2006 EADS Casa

Industrial and military air photography. Complete project: Eurofighter, F18, Orion, etc., including the assembly chain, engineering, flights, etc.

2001 - 2007 Nota Bene (communications agency)

Interior design and catalogue photography

1997 - 2000 Photographer, Canal + television station

Photographing various renowned personalities on different programmes (Lo + Plus, Epílogo, El Guiñol) and shoots for media publications

1997 - Fotografía e Imagen S.A.

Sporting events photography

Training in photography.

Most of his education was at the EFTI School of photography, where he attended a multitude of workshops and seminars on different photographic fields, continually recycling his knowledge to the present.

1996 - Master's in Photography, EFTI School of Photography and Image Centre

1995 - Professional course, EFTI School of Photography and Image Centre

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