Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi


My name is Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi, I am a professional photographer, a freelancer and a member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers and The “Russian Photo” community. Three things is love the most: people, natural beauty and naturalness. A lot of editing, usage of Photoshop and visual effects is not my forte! I think the one photographer is good who actually does 90% of work while shooting. The last 7 years I have been watching them enough, and I have tried a wide variety of different devices. Just like your own touch, a device influences on your work style. So, I came to the usage of FUJI cameras by two ways: from using mobile devices and film-type cameras. The first gave me flexibility, mobility and internet integratedness. The second gave me regularity, minimum of color management and post processing, and tactual pleasure! Well, if you forget about faults, such as low quality of shooting by mobile phone or heaviness of medium format camera, and keep only worth, you can see a Fujifilm innovative camera!

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