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1979  born Seoul Korea
2010  Academy of Art university, Photography BFA in San Francisco, USA
2011 ~ present. Work for Rami studio in Seoul , Korea


I believe what I feel, what I capture it.
The place where I live “ Seoul, KOREA “, is so fast developing and changing.
Sometime, I have to forget to rest and relax for catching up .
I must find out something to make out resting point in my photography.
That is “ Park “.
Park gives us to rest in city life and meets small part of nature like tree, stone and so on.
From 2016 , starting New York central park, I am taking photography in park .
Whenever I feel something in park, I  capture that emotion what I see, hear and feel.
So I want to share it to people who need to rest in busy life.

When I touch FUJIFILM X, I feel this one can touch film emotion.
As result, It just makes me smile and satisfy
Electronic view finder drag me as BW world what I see in my brain.
It make all done.
I just press shutter and get it.
FUJIFILM X is simple and powerful camera and make me keep shooting until light gone.

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