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Dirk Bogaerts



Dirk Bogaerts at Fuji Speedway

Interview session with X-Photographer Dirk Bogaerts


The 24 Hours of Le Mans – Endurance Racing for Fujifilm

X-Photographers at the 24 horus of Le Mans



Most of Dirk Bogaerts’ professional photography assignments concern lifestyle and motorsport photography (rally, race track, oldtimer). As such he is often an accredited photographer at the most spectacular WRC rallys and the most exciting race track competitions to supply photos for specialised magazines and the sports section of newspapers. Top of the bill is the biggest race in the world : the 24 h of Le Mans !

He started photography in 1989 while studying to be a master in mechatronical engineering and has ever since been passionate about the art of photography. At the age of 18, Dirk Bogaerts (°1971) fell particularly in love with the magnificent Ardenne Bleue region in Belgium, the region of wild, remote nature and of the beautiful Spa Francorchamps racetrack. Consequently, in 2012 he moved from Leuven to Rahier, a small authentic village in this region, to fully live his passion for motorsport and landscape photography.

He calls himself a World Photographer for his interest in a wide range of photographic subjects. He is passionate about motorsport, people, nature, travel, technology & books.

His images are represented and exposed on various exhibitions by a Belgian Art Gallery.

“ In 2012 I undertook a photo journey to Marrakech. I didn’t feel like carrying my heavy DSLR-equipment around the Medina. On top of that, the locals really don’t like being shoved a big camera like that in their face. So I started looking for a lightweight and discrete camera. I bought the Fujifilm X-10. The image-quality was astonishing : deep, natural colours and a beautiful sharpness. Ever since I was eagerly awaiting a Fujifilm camera I could use for my autosport photography business. With the arrival of the X-T1, with its fast autofocus, its variety of lenses of superb quality, its high image rate per second, its dials that are very appealing to the real photographer, its toughness under the worse of weather conditions, its robust build quality, I didn’t hesitate for a second!“

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