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I’m a freelance photographer, Taeyoung An from South Korea.
My work is mainly capturing moments of daily life with X Series cameras and smartphone.
I believe that preciousness of today will become more valuable in the future.
So I look at the sceneries of my everyday life with different points of view.
I expect that I can put them all together into one space and show them to the public someday.
Imagining the day, I go out and walk along the street to take pictures again today.


What I felt with using X70
Trying to paint every moments what I faced on my daily life from the morning to the night, it’s like carrying many kinds of film in my pocket.
Which film will bring me the most beautiful moment?
It was the happiest time with using X70, even though I had to decide the proper one.
Small size and fast AF performance.
I enjoyed all the process that I recognize the scenery with my eyes first, remember it with my heart and finally record into my x70.
I want many people have the joy what I feel through Fujifilm cameras. 

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