Amit Mehra


Amit Mehra (b. 1967) has been photographing for over twenty-five years. In addition to editorial and advertising work, Amit Mehra has specialized in documentary & architectural photography as well. Recipient of the award, Best Photographer of the Year - Asia in 2009 by the Sagamihara Museum, Japan for his book, India, A Timeless Celebration, Mehra has time and again demonstrated the ease with which he traverses different genres of photography. Photographs from this series are part of the collection of the Gabbaron Foundation, Spain and the Sagamihara Museum in Japan.

Amit's photographs have been widely exhibited in, London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Madrid, Milan, Melbourne, Dhaka, India.His work has been published in Time, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Architectural Digest, Condensate, Finacial Times, London and National Geographic.

His latest photo book Kashmir published by Penguin and he is currently working on his next book project, Sufis: Messengers of Peace.

He lives in New Delhi, India.

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