Albert Muñoz


My name is Albert Muñoz, although many people know me by the name of Barrut. I am from Barcelona.
My first experience with photography was helping my father with the film developing and fixing times, while we were shut up in the bathroom. From that moment on, my life has always been linked to photography.
I made the switch over to digital photography without any trauma.

I later experienced two great moments as a photographer: one was the emergence of social networks, where I could share my work, receive constructive criticism, and above all, learn from other photographers. I especially liked Instagram, because it generated a very powerful, positive, global community. I later began to use Fuji's X series, and from there, I started taking photos like crazy again.

With my photography, if there is something that has moved me from the beginning, it has been curiosity, which is something I continue to experience. I try to somehow express solitude, which is in increasingly greater demand. I like photos that transmit fragility, sensitivity. Integrating human figures into great architectural settings. Capturing that special light which sometimes appears in front of you and seems to beg to be photographed.

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