Tony Woolliscroft


Cannot quite believe I’ve been taking photographs for 26 years now as a professional ….. Where has that time gone?

The reason I picked up a camera in the first place many moons ago? Simple music, and the bands I was into. I loved taking pictures of New Model Army as I hung around the band in the late 1980’s .

Quickly getting to understand my camera, then building a diverse portfolio of live acts I finally went to see the music magazines in London to see if I could get some editorial work.

Lucky for me RAW magazine liked my portfolio of work and offered me some freelance work shooting gigs…. Well the rest is allot of good fortune and hard work, going full time in 1990.

In that first year I met a band and formed a relationship that last 15 odd years, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I travelled with the band all over the world photographing them everywhere. 

Since then I’ve had the amazing fortune to also work closely as well with The Foo Fighters for 19 odd years and now The 1975 for nearly 3 years, plus many more bands in between.

18 months ago I converted to the Fuji XT1 and was over impressed and totally sold on this amazing camera.

In my job, shooting live concerts, light changes every second as you are at mercy of the artist lighting engineer who controls this. The digital view finder in the XT-1 was a game changer. 

As everything you see through the view finder is the exposure you shoot at, I can quickly compensate as I shoot with my aperture as the light changes from over exposure to under exposure in seconds…. Therefore I never miss a shot now as I immediately compensate and change my exposure as it happens.

Couple this with the cameras great performance at high ISO the camera is a winner for me……… 

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