Michael Schnabl


Michael Schnabl has been a photography enthusiast ever since he was a teenager and literally turned his passion into a vocation. As a photographer, he specializes in depicting creative people and in advertising photography. However, he is also known for photos that have been published in editorials for magazines, for his landscape and travel photography – genres that complete his photographic portfolio. As a believer in the motto “make images, don't take images" his focus is not so much on the creation of exact reproductions of the original motif, but on the making of enthralling images that capture the eye’s attention for more than a second. Hence, what counts in his eyes, is not only the timing of releasing the shutter – but also the planning, preparation and post editing of each image.

Michael Schnabl gives each of his images his instantly recognizable style and both, commercial and private customers in Austria and around the world hold him in high esteem because of it.

Photographs by Michael Schnabl constantly place as winners in the most prominent international contests – e.g. he won Gold twice in the Trierenberg Super Circuit (2012 + 2015) and ten awards (1 x Gold, 5 x Silver, 4 x Bronze) in the European Professional Photographer of the Year Award from 2011 through 2016.  

Since early 2011, has been passing on his “completely unfiltered” photography, image composition and image processing knowledge in numerous workshops and seminars.


The Fujifilm X-T1 and a few exchangeable lenses provide me with all the equipment I need – and they weigh half and take up 50 percent of the space comparable traditional single lens reflex camera systems need. When working on location and while traveling, this is extremely beneficial. Moreover, the X-T1 delivers incredibly beautiful colour results you won’t get from any other system.

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