Gabriele Lopez


My name is Gabriele Lopez and I was born in Milan, Italy, in 1974. I lived mostly here. Photography means playing between reality and creating my own world, reflecting my personal way of seeing and feeling life.

My working area can be reassumed in Commercial, Events, Corporate and Wedding Assignment, that I try to shoot in my personal style, trying to take out the essence in the way I feel important and even if style evolved someway the fuel is still the one that I had in my early days when shutter times and aperture were unknown terms. A very free and instinctive photography.

Most of my attention is still dedicated to my personal projects that I keep following: My personal Blog:

I am a member of Oscura, a project dedicated to the culture and promotion of self-publishing project on Paper:


I love simple, small Cameras, a camera is totally useless if stays home in daily life… I am not the kind of person that takes photographs on a mission, is mostly a daily thing, I never leave home without a camera, even if I don’t plan to take pictures… I don’t visit a country if I can’t take a camera with me.

Professional needs and technical stuff can put on your back a lot of weight, big and bulky cameras and lenses…that can be fine for dedicated needs and specific working philosophies but that’s not the kind of photography that I’m interested.

I love the kind of photography made with respect for the subject, less invasive as possible, that allows me to freely move in situations, to travel light and be confident that I can obtain top quality in hard-light situations and that allows me to go inside what’s happening rather than pushing me as the professional photographer that needs space, timings and which presence is so tangible…I like that subjects can still see my face when I’m working, that my cameras can be fully operated with only one hand, if this explains what I feel.

X Series cameras have a really simple interface, they seem out of time and maybe they are, in nowadays market…but they are capable of giving me stunning quality results but still force and let me think about what I’m doing…they can shoot a professional assignment but even be with me daily, like my old 35mm camera in my back years.

Electronic viewfinder for in-camera perfect exposure saves time, avoid mistakes and allows to preserve the file from heavy post-processing, lenses are good, fast and small, dials instead of buttons and combinations of commands. Two bodies, 4 lenses, flash and batteries stay easily in a messenger bag so it’s ideal for traveling or for jumping on planes and trains for working far from home.

Less is more, I like to shoot as simple as possible, to be more focused on what’s happening.

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