Eitan Rikillis


Eitan Riklis, born 1966, lives and creates in Israel.

A graduate of the Film & Television Department in Tisch School of The Arts in New York University. (1994)

After years of working in Television and Film Productions, Eitan has returned to his first love, still photography. His work incorporates documentary elements and a cinematic vision as a means to shoot a single frame which tells a story. His photography is influenced by daily life, but brings a personal perspective and an aesthetics of light, shadow and composition.

Aspires to discover new places and meet new people, and in the process learn something new about himself. Seeks beauty but not perfection.

Eitan’s work includes urban, landscape and portrait photography.


New York City is a playground for photographers. The diversity of people, the amazing architecture and the city that never sleeps mentality offers endless opportunities for any photographer.

Having lived in NYC for many years, I know it well but I still discover new things and places to shoot whenever I’m in town. One of New York’s trademarks is its Subway system which is not only a great transportation solution but also a microcosm of this great city. Millions of people from all walks of life use it on a daily basis and it is a fascinating place to observe and photograph.

On a recent trip to New York, I decided to shoot a series of portraits in the subway, specifically, portraits of unaware passengers riding the subway. I used the X100 and the X-E1 with a 35mm lens, holding them around my waist and shooting without looking through the viewfinder or the LCD screen. I reviewed every shot and made the required adjustments until I was happy with the results. The compactness and silence of the Fuji cameras, enabled me to be “invisible” and to capture images that are as true to life as it gets.

Portraiture and street photography are two of my favourite types of photography; NYC and Fuji cameras are the perfect match for this love of mine.

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