Alessio Coghe


Born in Rome (Italy), Alex Coghe is a photojournalist,  publisher,  writer and street photographer, currently based in Mexico. He started taking photographs at age 10, with a cheap point & shoot camera, photographing urban landscapes, but his preferance was for documentary and social photography starting in 2009 to get serious. Since 2010 he moved to Mexico where he began photographing a new and surreal world in Mexico City, but always with a documentary perspective. In those years he collaborated with several newspapers, online magazines and agencies, some articles from politics to culture were published in La Stampa, Il Giornale, and he was correspondent from Mexico for Prisma News and L’Indro.

In 2011 he participated in the photography show “You Are Here” in LA, California, sponsored by Leica. Since that experience he started a collaboration with Leica Camera AG interviewing worldwide photographers for their blog, he made the documentary project “People of Chapultepec” and published on Leica’s X brochure.

All over these years he has worked for prestigious brands like Samsung and Burberry at the same time he was leading a social photography project for “Basilica de Guadalupe” inspired by indigents dedicated to “Villa Mujeres”. 


He published in: Lens Culture, Witness Journal, Il Messaggero, Doc!, Photowoa, The Phoblographer, Cuartoscuro,  and Excelsior. His work was exhibited in several collective shows from Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, Hamburg arriving to exhibit his work also in a theater in Rome.

As a commercial photographer he specializes in editorial, fashion, erotic and portrait photography. As a publisher Alex Coghe is currently editor of the electronic magazines The Street Photographer Notebook and Louÿs. He coaches photography workshops and phototours in Mexico and all over the world. For Alex Coghe, photography is a creative act that goes beyond a simple clic.


I am using a Fujifilm X100S and X20 for my work as a documentary street photographer: the X series cameras are perfect because they have a real film feeling. The cameras are digital rangefinders and for my approach are perfect to use in the streets.

As a street photographer Fujifilm X100S allows me to work with a small, compact and light camera. I am experiencing this, specially in suburbs where is better to have a discreet camera with you. The fact that Fujifilm X series appear like a film camera is very useful.

As a commercial photographer specialized in fashion and portrait I can work with my models and clients in a perfect way, getting closer avoiding for them to think about the camera all the time.

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