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Find your voice
Those who shout the loudest are not necessarily the most easily heard. By working together, we can learn to truly connect.
Fujifilm partnered with Muse Storytelling to establish the Create Forever Workshop series. This series of free educational events came to various cities across the USA and gave attendees the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s most talented storytellers.
The aim was to create conversation, promote opportunity, encourage confidence, and celebrate individuality. Explore this page to relive the Create Forever Workshop experience and gain a valuable insight into the art of storytelling.
“What we care about is the craft. It’s not just the image, it’s the process.”
Challenge yourself
Find your purpose, set your goal, and develop your skills by working through the below series of tutorials and challenges from Muse Storytelling.
Alison’s Challenge

Practice the art of curiosity by finding one to three people who you don’t know very well (maybe an acquaintance or co-worker) and taking them out for coffee.

Ask questions, listen and try to find out what makes them unique. Once you feel comfortable, join the conversation on social media using #MyFujifilmLegacy
IRA’s Challenge

Apply the keyword exercise to yourself! Try to brainstorm as many potential keywords as you can for each prompt before you select any words.

Once you’ve selected your five keywords, write them down on a note card and share it on social media using the hashtag #MyFujifilmLegacy to join the conversation.
Ian’s Challenge

Slow down and notice the beauty around you by picking one of Ian’s four elements of street photography and practicing the art of being present and observing.

Go on a photo walk every day for the next ten days, make at least one photo each day, and share on social media using #MyFujifilmLegacy.
JOSUÉ’s Challenge

Have a go at creating your very own legacy statement using Josué’s process. Think about what makes you who you are and see if you can better understand yourself.

We’d love to hear from you, so share your legacy statement on social media using the hashtag #MyFujifilmLegacy to join the conversation.
Be inspired
We are a community of storytellers, with our own stories to tell, and this is where they are told.
Find your voice
The Create Forever Workshops, with Muse Storytelling, are your chance to learn from some of the greatest storytellers in the world.
Tell your story
Your story is a part of us and we want to hear it. Come share it with us and participate in our community.