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X Stories

The 4th X100

Filipino X-Photographer Rommel Bundalian shares his memories of the X100 Series

by Rommel Bundalian X100 Series, X-Photographer, Philippines, Rommel Bundalian, travel, ACROS, CLASSIC CHROME, street photography
Ben Cherry -How I use X Series for Nature Photography

Ben Cherry breaks down his use of the X Series for Nature Photography.

by Ben Cherry Ben Cherry, UK, nature, wildlife, landscape, Velvia, CLASSIC CHROME, X-Photographer
The World of Film Simulation episode 2

Episode #2 CLASSIC CHROME on "The World of Film Simulation" stories.

by FUJIFILM The World of Film Simulation, film simulation, CLASSIC CHROME

A story on the compact camera

by FUJIFILM CLASSIC CHROME, street photography
6th Film Simulation CLASSIC CHROME

Develpment story of the Film Simulation "CLASSIC CHROME"

by FUJIFILM CLASSIC CHROME, film simulation
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