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Rob Mitchell was born in 1970 in a suburb of London. He studied photography and design at an art school in the UK. The skills acquired during the hands-on and the age of analogue photography has demonstrated to be valuable throughout his career. Especially in the automobile, television and product design industries. After he moved to Belgium Rob continued to develop his skills during the digital revolution. These skills were then used to develop 3D design software. He taught and trained people to use the 3D software and also wrote numerous articles on the subject.

The transition from analog to digital thinking has gone smoothly and continues to open doors and opportunities for Rob. Photography, the foundation of Rob's studies has been given a huge boost and commercial photography became the focus of his work. Constantly learning new skills motivate Rob in his career. His motivation and creativity, coupled with 20 years of experience, makes him the perfect weapon in the digital world.


I have the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 and prefer the X-E1 as it's just that little bit more compact. It has the same shooting power as it's bigger brother and I just love the EVF on it.

So far my favourite lenses are the 14 and 35mm. To me, these small system cameras are about getting back to basics of photography by keeping things simple and relying more on creativity. I use Zoom lenses for my work purely because of the flexibility. For my own work though, I love to use prime lenses that force me to think more about framing each shot. The X range is great for reportage style work where a large DLSR can be imposing, impersonal and very confronting. Often attracting too much attention from the subjects too. A smaller and dare I say it, retro styled camera blends into to the background. It is quieter and less obvious. Nothing comes close for street photography than a very small camera with quite operation. Right now the X100s is probably the ultimate street photography cameras, it is virtually silent.

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