Pierre Anthony Allard


As the soul and artistic director of studio Harcourt from 1993 to 2007, Pierre Anthony Allard made this mythical place rise from the ashes. Today, as a freelance photographer, he is asked to implement his science of light in a very cinematic style throughout the world.

He is both a society and a street photographer. He works on commissions in particular for Cartier or L’Oréal. He is sometimes asked to shoot very traditional portraits, in black and white. He was recently invited to Cannes to take photographs at a Russian wedding. When he does a series of portraits, he also takes pictures of the surroundings and tries to tell a story, sometimes with a book. He thinks that a photo book is never very far from cinema – it is like a "story board".


Why do I use the X-Pro1?

Firstly, because it is pretty, it matches my clothes; it is elegant, "vintage" – ideal when you cannot afford a Leica! It is highly accurate. It is compact, lightweight and very strong! It does not make any noise when it releases the shutter. It does not scare people away when you want to take pictures of them; you are not a "predatory" photographer. It is very discreet. The lenses are definitely luxury tools. You just forget that it is a digital camera body. In short, it is perfect and packed with charm!

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