Jan Ságl

Czech Republic

Jan Ságl was born in Humpolec in 1942. In the 1960s he began contributing regularly to the art journals Výtvarná práce and Výtvarné umění. Immediately after 1989 he started to work intensively for international magazines such as National Geographic, Geo, Smithsonian, Gault Millau, Zeit Magazin and The New York Times. Since 2010 he has dedicated himself above all to his creative practice. The main topics of his photography are the life time cycles Galleries and Cathedrals and Landscape. He participated in important exhibitions of land art and action art in Los Angeles, Vienna, Tokyo, Barcelona and Munich.


Why do I use only Zoom lenses?
Work with the geometry of the picture (not the perspective) is the most important means of expression for me. That’s why I need a continuous change of the focal point distance. I use two bodies with short and long zoom, so that I always have the optimum focal point at my disposal. I never have to change the objective lens when the surrounding is not suitable. All three Fujinon zooms I use are of excellent quality. I am 73 years old, so weight and size of the photobag are important too.

Jan Ságl hasn’t got official web portfolio, because he says that the photography has some meaning only when it’s printed. This web gallery will be his first official web presentation.

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