Dyanne Wilson


Dyanne Wilson is a contemporary photographer specializing in documentary photography. She prefers to photograph that which is real and authentic including portraiture, weddings, interiors, and travel. A former public servant, and with a life long interest in photography, she started to get serious about photography in 2005. With the exception of a few courses in Art History at University of Ottawa, a wise mentor, and some technical courses at the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa, she is primarily self-taught. She has an interest in cultural diversity as it is expressed in the built environment, dance and everyday life. Her work is regularly published in Diplomat and International Canada magazine, Hello Canada Magazine and the Ottawa Citizen Style magazine. While on assignment for Diplomat and International Canada she has photographed over 26 Official Residences of Ottawa's diplomatic community and has self published a book: Diplomatic Spaces. She was also awarded 1st Place in the School of Photographic Art's (SPAO) Digital photography contest and received an honourable mention in a European Audio Visual competition.

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