Christina Lauder


Originally from Toronto, Canada but living in England (Leicestershire) since 1998, multi award winning Christina has been building a successful studio portrait business since 2006.  She has dedicated herself to developing the skills necessary to provide the pinnacle of quality in portraiture, dedication that has been recognised and rewarded in the fact that she now counts herself among the most select 1% of photographers to have attained the level of Fellow with the SWPP.  Christina's unique and highly skilled pieces have seen her named Portrait Studio, Pet, and Baby Photographer of the Year with the Societies, along with Family Portrait Photographer of the Year with the MPA, testament to her consistently high standard of work, no matter the subject. 


I've loved photography since I was a little girl, asking for my first camera when I was just 8 years old. I believe it all began from seeing the hundreds of slides my parents took of our family growing up. I was mesmerized by what they captured on film and still love them to this day. I think it felt a bit like magic back then and so incredible how you could capture moments to look back on forever.

I think that's in part where my love for the Fuji cameras came from. They take me back to the days of film when the cameras were beautiful pieces of equipment, not just techie tools. Since being asked to test the X-T2 from a DSLR perspective I've fallen in love with photography all over again. Picking up a camera is a joy and not just a job, which it had felt like of late.

There are 3 main reasons why I love using the X-T2. First, its a beautiful camera as I said making me feel inspired just by holding it. Second, its changed the way I shoot in that I can now take the camera away from my face using the moveable LCD so I can interact better with my subject. I’m now shooting at the correct angle without breaking my back all while seeing the greater picture. And finally, I now have focusing points across 85% of the image, unlike DSLRs, which means my composition isn't compromised in the interest of better focus.

In addition, I now have a camera to take with me everywhere. The size and weight of my new camera with one of the smaller lenses means I hardly know I've got it with me so I can now return to being a photographer for fun again. I had stopped taking my camera out with me because it was just too big and bulky. And most of the smaller cameras on the market just weren't good enough when comparing them to my DSLR. Now the X-T2 is everything for me all in one neat little package.

I'm looking so forward to my future creations both professionally as well as just for the fun of it.

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